Featured New Items

Maimeriblu Watercolors
Maimeriblu Watercolors

This paint features an absolute purity of pigments. Imperceptible, transparent and clean. No blending powders, no additives. Beautiful transparency.

Golden SoFlat
Golden SoFlat Acrylic

An unmatched combination of intense matte color with enhanced leveling and opacity.

Fabriano Pads
Fabriano 1264 Pads

Exciting new paper pads for drawing, sketch, watercolor and mixed media.

Crash Kits
Crash Paint Solids Waste Water Cleaning Kits

Remove paint solids from waste water for more environmentally responsible and safe disposal.

Medea Electric Eraser
Medea USB Rechargeable Electric Eraser

Lightweight and ergonomic electric eraser with USB recharging cable.

Golden Gripr
Golden Gripr Tube Opener

Get those tough to open paint tubes free with this handy tool.

Graham Basic Sets
M. Graham Basic Sets

Beautiful new 5 color Basic Sets in watercolor and gouache from M. Graham.

Shimmer & Shine Kit
Shimmer & Shine Pearlescent Paint & Stencil Kit

21 pearlescent watercolors complete with stencils, cards and brush.