Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors 37ml Blush

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors 37ml Blush

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Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors 37ml Blush

Blush is a Gamblin skin tone that is exclusive to the 1980 line and not in the Artist Grade Oils. Made from Venetian Red and Titanium White pigment.

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors are made with the same dedication and pure pigments that go into Gamblin's Artist's Oils. In addition, they use the same process of mixing, milling, filling, and hand labeling. 1980 colors are formulated with pure pigments, the finest refined linseed oil and marble dust (calcium carbonate). More affordable colors have been made with these three ingredients since oil painting began.

With 1980 colors, artists experience colors that are true, without homogenized texture or muddy color mixtures. Gamblin's approach of using both traditional raw materials and processes ensures that artists experience the luscious working properties that they expect from their oil colors.

Pigment Color Code: PW6 / PR101

Transparency: Opaque

Lightfastness: Excellent

Vehicle: Alkali Refined Linseed Oil

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