Etchr Watercolor Paper Block 6" Square

Etchr Watercolor Paper Block 6" Square

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This paper block has 20 sheets and is glued on two sides. The watercolor sheets are 300g (140 lb) with a cold press surface. Etchr watercolor paper is high quality and acid free, made with 50% cotton.

The best paper is acid-free and has a high amount of cotton because it means the paper is less prone to yellowing or deteriorating over time. Also, the more cotton a paper has, the better it holds water and keeps the pigment much more vibrant.

Etchr makes this block with the sheets glued together at the sides instead of all the way around to make it easier to remove the sheets. When your painting is finished and dry, simply insert a palette knife (or similar instrument) below the top sheet where you just painted and run it along the glued edges to free your artwork.

Etchr products are not only stylish and high quality, but they're made with love. The paper is specifically marked as vegan friendly. Etchr tells us "We love animals. We don't want our products to be made of them."

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