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Tooli-Art Rock Painting Pen 19 Set with 2 Free Clay Pots

Bonus: get 2 terracotta pots and a packet of flax seeds for FREE with this item.

If you're looking to get started with the fun and addicting hobby of rock painting, this Tooli Art Essential Set is definitely for you. This set does not only provide the vivid acrylic pens you need to do beautiful paintings but it also comes with micro fineliners, carbon graphite transfer paper, a handy tracing stylus pen, and a handy carry case. Easy instructions are provided to ensure you get great results from the start and a paint level window located on the side of each pen to show how much paint is remaining. You'll love the results you'll get!

With an extra fine 0.7mm nylon tip, these highly pigmented paint pens make fine detailed strokes ideal for drawing, outlining, or making fine dots. The medium 3mm nylon tip allows for thicker strokes for faster paint coverage on surfaces. The fade-resistant paint dries quickly and works great on dark and light surfaces.

Tooli Art Acrylic Paint Pens are a must-have for any artist. It includes the basic colors needed for painting. The fine tips of the pens allow for precise and artistic control while the medium tips allow for quick color-filling. The paint is fast-drying, so there is no need to worry about smudges or mistakes. These pens are perfect for use with both canvas, rock, paper and many more. They are also non-toxic, making them safe for both children and adults. Works on most surfaces. Sealer compatible. Acid-free, water-based, odorless & safe for all.

Set includes: 1 x Handy Carry Case, 1 x Carbon Graphite Transfer Paper, 1 x Dual Sided Stylus Pen (0.1 & 1.5), 2 x Micro Fineliners (005 & 01), 16 Tooli-Art Paint Pens (8 x Medium Tip Pens & 8 x Extra Fine Tip).

MSRP $45.99 EACH

NOW $20.00

Deal ends June 4, 2023

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