Closeout Deals

Glue Sticks

List Price $7.99

NOW $1.00

All-Purpose Glue Sticks 30pk

All-Purpose Dual Temperature Glue Sticks in a big 30-piece pack. Pack contains thirty 4" x .24" sticks. Glue dries transparent and has superior bonding quality with a 40-50 second working time. Amazing closeout deal while supplies last.

Paper Cups

List Price $19.80

NOW $1.00

Disposable Paper Cups 100pk

These waterproof coated paper cups are great for classroom or studio use. Inexpensive, they easily handle water as well as paint and can be disposed of at the end of class or painting session. Cups measure 2.5" diameter by 1" deep and can hold approximately 2 ounces of fluid. Each pack contains 100 cups. You can also use them for paint, water, glue, beads and other crafts.

Jackson Pastels

List Price $7.20

NOW $2.50

Jackson Artist Soft Pastels

Each pack contains 12 soft pastels. Soft, square pastels of fine quality, these sticks are set into a plastic tray for protection and packaged in a plastic case for travel or studio use. A marvelous tool for drawing and sketching. Each square stick provides a new dimension in drawing and excellent blending properties.

Coloring Book Board

List Price $14.20

NOW $5.00

Coloring Book Board 12" x 30"

Designed by artists and coloring book enthusiasts, this unique coloring board is ideal for a single sheet of paper or holding open a coloring book. A clever system of notches and rubber bands can be adjusted to hold your paper or book in place. The smooth surface is great for coloring, drawing, sketching or writing on. Use when traveling or in your favorite chair. The 12 x 30 inch size is perfect for any page taken from an over-sized coloring book, or keeping a standard sized book open. 4 small and 2 large rubber bands are included.

Watercolor Box

List Price $19.99

NOW $10.99

Classic Travel Watercolor Box

Perfect for watercolor sketching on the go, this classic metal watercolor box is small enough to fit in a pocket. Crafted from black enamel coated steel, this box holds 12 watercolor half pans and features two fold-out palettes and a thumb ring. If 12 colors aren't enough for your travel painting needs, get one for each pocket!