Featured Maximum Advantage Program (FMAP)
is a little something we started to ensure you get the best deal, whether you purchase online or in the store. Think of it as our way of fighting against questionable policies of big business on your behalf. Some manufacturers don't like us to discount our prices, they suggest that it 'cheapens' the image of the products they create. In an attempt to enforce this idea, they set a minimum price that we are allowed to display (or advertise) their products for. We like to be competitive and try to give you the best deal possible. As you can see, this is a conflict.

If you put the item in your cart, it will show you the price, you can always remove it afterward. It's our way of being able to offer you the best price we can, while still following the rules of our manufacturers.

We realize that this is an inconvenience and trust us when we say we are working every day to eliminate this practice. In the meantime, look for the green FMAP icon, you'll find that it's your path to amazingly good deals!