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A subject that is beautiful in itself gives no suggestion to the artist. It lacks imperfection. ~Oscar Wilde
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Pastels & Charcoal

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Pastels are composed of pigment that has been bound with a binder, creating the stick-like form that we are accustomed to. They either come soft or hard. Oil pastels are also available for those wanting more of a painterly feel. Pastels and charcoal are both dry media that can be applied onto paper and primed surfaces.

Charcoal is made from burnt wood, resulting in a powder. This powder is later made into compressed sticks. Charcoal comes in various forms (vine, compressed and powdered), which offers more possibilities to the artist in creating textures and mark making.Both Charcoal and Pastel need to be sprayed with a fixative after completion. Otherwise, it would smear, and the artwork will not be able to retain its original state.

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