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Register online for the events you'd like to attend below. All events are held at CATALYST in Westminster, California. You will receive confirmation and, if applicable, ticket(s) to the event via the email address you supply during checkout.
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How many people are you registering for each event?
Catalyst Acrylic Landscape with Joe A. Oakes$49.00CATJO08192017-08-19
Catalyst Long Pose 08-20-2017$15.00CATLD08202017-08-20
Catalyst Life Drawing 08/23 1-4$15.00CATLD0823A2017-08-23
Catalyst Life Drawing 08/23 6-9$15.00CATLD0823B2017-08-23
Catalyst Winsor & Newton Artist Oil Demo$10.00CATWN08262017-08-26
Catalyst Long Pose 08-27-2017$15.00CATLD08272017-08-27
Catalyst Life Drawing 08/30 6-9$15.00CATLD0830B2017-08-30
Catalyst Life Drawing 08/30 1-4$15.00CATLD0830A2017-08-30
Catalyst Chinese Brush Landscape$45.00CATCB09022017-09-02
Catalyst Faces in a Crowd Series$160.00CATJLSERIES2017-09-07
Catalyst Faces In A Crowd 09/07$45.00CATJL09072017-09-07
Catalyst Sketching In All Media 09/08$45.00CATDR09082017-09-08
Catalyst Sketching in all Media Series$160.00CATDRSERIES2017-09-08
Catalyst Logan Matcutting Demo 1PM-3PM$35.00CATLO0909B2017-09-09
Catalyst Logan Matcutting Demo 10AM-12PM$35.00CATLO0909A2017-09-09
Catalyst Draw Create Paint! 09/11$30.00CATKS09112017-09-11
Catalyst Draw Create Paint! For Kids Series$110.00CATKSERIES2017-09-11
Catalyst Faces In A Crowd 09/14$45.00CATJL09142017-09-14
Catalyst Sketching In All Media 09/15$45.00CATDR09152017-09-15
Catalyst Beginning Calligraphy$50.00CATCA09162017-09-16
Catalyst Ebru Paper Marbling$49.00CATMA09172017-09-17
Catalyst Draw Create Paint! 09/18$30.00CATKS09182017-09-18
Catalyst Faces In A Crowd 09/21$45.00CATJL09212017-09-21
Catalyst Sketching In All Media 09/22$45.00CATDR09222017-09-22
Catalyst Bob Ross Landscape$45.00CATBR09232017-09-23
Catalyst Acrylic Pouring$60.00CATAP09242017-09-24
Catalyst Draw Create Paint! 09/25$30.00CATKS09252017-09-25
Catalyst Faces In A Crowd 09/28$45.00CATJL09282017-09-28
Catalyst Sketching In All Media 09/29$45.00CATDR09292017-09-29
Catalyst Draw Create Paint! 10/02$30.00CATKS10022017-10-02
Catalyst Up Close Watercolor Portrait$99.00CATNO10072017-10-07

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